Wrinkles and facial volume

The beauty of a face through the analysis of the distribution of facial volumes and mitigating the effects of time represented wrinkles.

Several types of wrinkles exist:

  • Expression lines especially on the upper part of the face (forehead, frown lines and crows feet) and around the lips with ‘smokers lips’ wrinkles,
  • Slip-related wrinkles of fat underlying structures as well as bone loss; they are represented by the nasolabial folds and pursed lips,
  • Wrinkles associated with cutaneous relaxation Wrinkles associated with cutaneous relaxation.

Of course, the combination of different aging processes lead to changes in the distribution of volumes in the face including a less rounded forehead, sunken in temples, droopy and sunken cheeks, jowls.

Thus, for each of us, aging is noticeable for several reasons. We can highlight:

  • A change in the quality and the tone of the skin in the face and neck leading to the appearance of fine wrinkles. In recent secondarily wrinkles becoming more pronounced wrinkles, which are treated used mesolift, dermo-fillers injections, PLEXR and / or peelings.
  • A gradual shift of the facial structures including the sliding of cheek fat reinforcing the nasolabial fold and jowls, whose treatment can be dermo-filler injections and / or laying facial threads.


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