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A beauty at every age for each one

My approach to aesthetic medicine, is a holistic approach to the individual. Obviously we must consider the physical aspect of the person, but take into account the psychological as well environmental aspect. Your lifestyle, stress, genetics and daily routine determine your outwardly appearance. Each person as an individual processes and consumes within, all these elements. With my help a good aesthetic result can only be achieved if all these aspects are taken into account.

Natural should be our aim for the final results. We start by returning your skins natural healthy glow, without which you can’t determine the true extent of any results. The goal of aesthetic medicine should be to improve, refine, embellish but certainly not to change your faces in something unnatural. Your face that forms the basis of any treatment is the holder of your life appearance. One of the major roles of aesthetic medicine and anti-aging is to prevent the overly outward appearances of time. The goal is to speed up the treatment time and preserve your natural radiance and preventing any further possible deterioration, maintaining a flawless result. The goal is to speed up the treatment time and preserve your natural radiance and preventing any further possible deterioration, maintaining a flawless result.

My concept to aesthetic medicine is

to reach your full potential with natural looking results


A multitude of techniques in anti-aging aesthetic medicine exist today to help you maintain your beauty capital and correct the effects of time.

Treatment area

L’approche de la Médecine Esthétique est à la fois ciblée sur la zone à traiter mais aussi globale : toutes les unités esthétiques prises individuellement doivent s’agencer les unes avec les autres avec harmonie et naturel.


Acne can be a real social and disabling disorder caused by skin lesions, in the worst cases scarring…

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Stretch Marks

One of the most delicate treatments in aesthetic medicine…

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Wrinkles and facial volume

The beauty of a face through the analysis of the distribution of facial volumes and mitigating the effects of time represented wrinkles…

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Excess skin unsightly

Aging appearance of your skin to restore its softness…

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The youth and beauty of a face also rely on the presence of naturally full and luscious lips…

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The neckline can betray your age. Treatment is necessary for the harmony between your face, neck and décolleté. Its image…

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The neck is an aesthetic unit in itself and as such requires a specific treatment accordingly…

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The hands are an essential part in Aesthetic Medicine and our aim is directed at both men and women…

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Nose and chin

Giving harmony and beauty to your face by correcting a nose and / or disharmonious chin…

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The beauty of look

The look is a strategic area in the cosmetic care of the face…

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Have you ever tried all the miracle creams or non-invasive techniques for your cellulite ? …

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HIFU, high intensity focalised ultrasounds

You would like to treat the facial and neck sagging skin or somewhere else on your body (arms, belly, thighs,…)…

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PRP, Platelets-rich Plasma (Only allowed abroad)

If you want to treat your sagging skin, the quality of your skin, or to treat hair loss with natural products…

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pinned 14 miraDry

MiraDry in a non surgical procedure which leads to stop definitely sweat under armpits…

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The doctor

Patrice Piquemal, aesthetic and cosmetic medicine

My knowledge and experience is based on a body of work thats taken many years to complete. Starting with medical university graduation and a diploma that is recognized nationally and internationally. I continue to participate in various medical congresses and both national / international plastic surgery studies to stay on top of any advances.

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