Have you ever tried all the miracle creams or non-invasive techniques for your cellulite ? Are you happy with this kind of « treatement »? Let’s try the new US device for treating your strong cellulite!


The anti-cellulite révolution

One session for a long lasting résult

CELLFINA™ is a non-surgical technique, made by MERZ an american laboratory, and approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration), the highest health autority in America.

The cellulite is commonly considered as « women disorders ». We have several causes for explaining the cellulite : hormonal, genetic, stress, overweight, sedentary lifestyle, deficient lymphatic and blood circulation. We can observe an increase of fat cells (volume and number) in the superficial layer of the skin called hypodermis. Cellulite appears in any age and is classified in 4 different types :
• Infiltrating or acqueous cellulitis : characterized by deficient lymphatic and blood circulation. You feel your legs heavy and/or swollen ankles.
  • Adipose accumulation cellulite : when we are pinching the skin, there is no pain, cellulite is soft, supple and localised on the hips, thights, belly or « riding breech ». it’s mostly accompagned with excess of weight.
  • Fibrous cellulite : which is painful, hard and encrusted since a long time. We observe a skin very irregular called buffers.
  • Mixed cellulite : either acqueous and adipose accumulation cellulite or adipose accumulation and fibrous cellulite.
All current techniques can’t broke the power of these hard collagen fibers. That’s why a new device called CELLFINATM can now help us.
This is a recent technology (since 2012) which is a safety, non surgical, unpainful and effectiveness procedure for treating buffers in the buttocks and thigh areas. This is just only made in one session (from 1 to 2 hours lasting time, in function of the areas) with a long lasting time for the result (more than 3 years).
The procedure is simple and made with local anesthesic after having made the antisepsis of the areas we must treat. Then we use a thin needle to cut these strong collagen fibers for releasing the skin.

The follow-up :
• the onset of oedema is contained by the patient wearing pants..
• soreness during few days.
• tenderness during few days.
• bruising during few days.
• no scars.
• no recovery time.

After the third day, we can start to observe the Result which will improve day after day during few months.


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