Medical Penoplasty

Medical penoplasty leads to increase size for penis and/or gland by hyaluronic acid injections. This process is a non surgical act.


Every man who wants to increase :

  • circumference of the penis,
  • volume of the gland,
  • and/or the quality of sexual relations by treating premature ejaculation.


  • New self-esteem,
  • Decreasing complex (locker room syndrom),
  • Increasing the quality of sexual relations for each partner.


This is the first step which is essential for evaluating precisely patient’s needs and knowing if medical penoplasty is a good indication.
Each of us must know these following informations :

For causasian people , sizes are :

  • For the lenght : 9 cm (3,5 in) in flaccid state and 14cm (5,5 in) in erection,
  • For circumference : 9 cm (3,5 in) in flaccid state and 12 cm (4,7 in) in erection.

For having a sexual relation a size of 5 cm (1,9 in) is enough and the micro-penis is defined by a size less than 8 cm (3,14 in) in erection.

According to these datas we can consider that most of men has a normal size !

What can we treat by hyaluronic acid injection ?


Firstly hyaluronic acid is an absorbable product which can’t be rejected by the body.
Then areas which can be treated are :

• Circumference of the penis,
• Gland for the size and/or premature ejaculation,

The length can’t be treated directly by injection even if we observe a discret lengthening which is due to the less capabilities of the penis to have a retraction after injecting.

The session

Penoplasty medical takes place in the outpatient section. 
This process is almost painless and lasts between 30 and 60 mn.

For the Session :

  • an anesthetic cream is applying 1h before,
  • Anesthesic injections are made in the basis of the penis,
  • Acid hyaluronic is injected « under the skin » by a specific cannula,
  • The gland is treated if necessary.

In function of each case one to three sessions are needed for obtaining a good result.


  • Immediatly,
  • Thickening of penis circumference of 2 to 4 cm (0,7 to 1,5 in) in flaccid and erection states,
  • Penis looks heavier and imposing,
  • Quality of sexual relations increased.


Immediatly :

  • Oedema,
  • Redness,
  • Thickening of circumference (penis and/or gland).

During the first week :

  • Little ecchymosis,
  • Skin sensitivity,
  • Irregularities are possible : there is an evolution day after day during 1 month.

After the first month :

  • Check up visit to do a touch up if necessary,
  • If more volume is asking, a new procedure is made in function of a new quote.


  • During 10 days no sexual activities are required.
  • Then during 1 month be gentle during sexual relations.
  • Do a massage very regulary for spreading hyaluronic acid.
  • No contraindication for sport.

Duration of results

Results last 15 to 18 month before the product begins to dilute in the body. After 1 year only 30% of the product is resorbed. It’s useful at this time to renew injections to keep initial result. Hyaluronic acid will be less and less resorbed and the time before injection updates becomes longer and longer.

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