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If you have tarnished skin and / or the presence of fine wrinkles and even skin with more pronounced wrinkles, you are an excellent candidate for a peel.

The principle lies in the application of a liquid solution to the skin to allow it to regenerate more or less deeply depending on the type of peel.

There are three major types of peeling:

  • Superficial peels: its goal is to treat very superficial part of the skin (the epidermis) to get rid of dead cells and thereby provide a more luminous skin. This type of peel is a glycolic acid, trichloratécique and are used under highly diluted form. Then, the peeling of the area strictly speaking should be every 10 to 15 days with a total of 3 peels, no downtime.
  • The average peeling: If your skin shows wrinkles a little more pronounced, a tarnished appearance, skin sagging, a medium peel you will make your skin radiant, luminous and less stained. This type of peel present a larger and potentially deeper peeling, a few days of downtime.
  • Deep peeling Phenol: it caters for very damaged skin by time and has a downtime of ten days with a post peeling monitoring.

Peels require preparation with antioxidant exfoliating cream in the morning and in the evening, 15 days preceding the treatment.
Each type of peeling will be discussed in consultation depending on the desired procedure.


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