A destruction of fat cells without surgery for both women and men.

If you are bothered by unsightly bulges in the abdomen, love handles, saddlebags and / or the inner thighs, then this non-invasive technique without surgery will allow you to remove and permanently redesign your silhouette. It is a selective destruction of fat cells that are sensitive to cold (-5 ° C to -7 ° C) at a one hour exposure of the treated area. The procedure is not painful. The result are obtained 6-8 weeks after the session, time required for the elimination of fat cells from your body. A session can reduce up to 30% body fat processed. A second session may be required depending on the results of the first.

The procedure is simple, no downtime; there may be a light sensitivity, itching and / or redness for several days. It is not necessary to wear support protection of the treated area.



A consultation is obviously performed in advance to determine the absence of any indication against the procedure and if there is a good indication for carrying out this technique.


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