Men or Women, you are suffering from an important hair loss and you want to stop it. Don’t wait anymore and start the new generation of hair loss treatment : RIGENERA™ system. This is a medical device approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the Highest Authority of US Health.

What is RIGENERA™ ?

RIGENERA™ is a regenerative medicine using your own stem cells which can regenerate little hairs, stimulate hairgrowth and create strong hairs.

These stem cells are present along each hair follicle.

Each follicle grows in function of this hair cycle :
•  Anagen phase when hairs are growing,
•  Catagen phase (regressive phase) : hairs stop growing,
•  Telogen phase : at the end of this phase, hairs fall out.

We can observe that Anagen phase is shorter when you are suffering from androgenic alopecia, with a number of hair follicles more important in telogen phase. This state explains hair loss and gradualy a low density of hair follicles.

That’s why using RIGENERATM can induce :
•  A reduction of hair follicles in telogen phase in other words stopping hair loss,
•  A stimulation for regrowing,
•  Thicker hairs.

For who ?

For men and women
In any season

When can we start this procedure ?

When you start to see an important hair loss :

  • Androgenic alopecia in the beginning,
  • Calvitia,
  • Any state before the indication of hair transplantation,
  • After hair transplantation for maintaining the results.

It’s really important not to wait too much because the next stape will be hair transplantations!

A treatment by RIGENERA™ require a previous consultation in order to :

  • determinate if there is a contradication,
  • do a specific clinical exam :
    • Directly by studying the general aspect of the scalp,
    • With a microscope for evaluating :
      • The number and diameter of hairs,
      • The lenght between its,
      • Little hairs or not,
      • Aspect of hair follicles,
      • Number of hairs in a same hair follicle.

The procedure

It’s simple and painless.

It lasts around 1h and different stapes are doing :

  • Desinfection of all the scalp,
  • Numbing the donor area :
    • A defined area at the back of the head,
    • Area without hormonal dependance with a hair cycle growing slowler
  • Removing 3 or 4 grafts from the donor area,
  • Specific centrifugation with grafts after adding physiological serum and for obtaining a liquid with stem cells,
  • Superficial injections of these stem cells in the scalp.


  • Simple
  • No recovery time
  • No side effects because we used your own tissue
  • Painless

How many sessions ?

One session is enough for a long lasting time (around 2 years)

Different sessions of hair stimulation could be done for maintaining the results.


Two months after the procedure with :
•  Stopping hair loss,
•  Increasing the hair volume,
•  Hair Regrowing.


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